Kaliningrad region

The Kaliningrad region is located in the most western part of Russia: landscape natural beauty, beaches of the Baltic coast with a total length of 150 km, the richness and diversity of historical heritage and balneological resources are the components to make the region more attractive for tourists.
  • The unique fortification monuments (forts and castles) are united in a branded route which is a part of The Silver Necklace of Russia (interregional tourist project).
  • The E-70 water route of European cruise companies passes through the territory of the Kaliningrad region.
  • The Curonian Spit National Park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Sand dunes and crystal-white beaches of the region are given a prestigious Blue Flag Award.
  • Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, coastal towns, keep the status of federal resorts.
  • The major tourist attraction of the region is Kaliningrad, the development priority of which is to create a new urban space which will have the highest cultural and historical status and eventually become a new city brand.


Main cities of region

By air

Khrabrovo Airport of Kaliningrad is located 24 km away from the city center.
The reconstructed complex of Khrabrovo Airport is designed for passenger traffic of 3.5 million people per year (1 250 passengers per hour). The schemes of passengers reverse motion have been organized, 38 additional mobile passport control booths were set and 22 stationary points are to be opened.

Flights: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Cherepovec, Tashkent, Novyi Urengoi, Minsk, Varshava. 

By rail

Kaliningrad railway station provides direct communication with Moscow and St. Petersburg.


Types of tourism

The region’s specialty is cultural tourism with some elements of beach tourism and balneological programs.

Coastal tourism

The total length of coastline is more than 150 km. The length of the organised sea beaches within the boundaries of municipalities is currently 6 km. The beaches of Zelenogradsk, Pionersky, and Yantarny have the infrastructure that ensures the accessibility of beach recreation for the groups with limited mobility. A beach in Yantarny is the only beach in Russia that has the Blue Flag Certificate of environmental defence.

There are promenades in all the coastal towns, whose total length is 10 km. Beach recreation in the Kaliningrad region is characterized by its pronounced seasonality. Swimming season duration is 2.5 months. 25% of tourists come to the region with a view for a beach holiday.

Balneology tourism

There are 22 health resorts in the seacoast resort zone. The developed therapeutic resort base and major medical institutions, as the Federal Center of High Medical Technologies of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Kaliningrad region, create the conditions to develop the health complex and medical tourism. In addition to specialized institutions, most hotels in the region provide health and spa services, including amber therapy.
Therapeutic tours are in demand all year round (with the average annual load of health resorts of 85% and above) and they are successfully combined with cultural and sightseeing programs. 25% of tourists enjoy treatment and balneology leisure.

Cultural tourism

The basis for cultural tourism development is 1,660 cultural heritage sites, including the UNESCO’s Curonian Spit National Park and more than 100 museums.
The major tourist centers of the region are the Baltic coast (Curonian Spit National Park, Zelenogradsk and Svetlogorsk-Otradnoye federal resorts, Yantarny, Pionersky and Baltiysk) and Kaliningrad. More than 80% of tourism infrastructure is concentrated here.
The share of culture-related tourism in the structure of the tourist flow is 25%.


Major tourist attractions

There are about 50 tourist routes on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, 10 of which are the major ones (the basis for the tourist products shaping) and 3 are branded (fortification, amber and ecological routes).

The most popular tourist routes are:

  • City-fortress (fortifications of Kaliningrad)
  • Forts and Castles of East Prussia
  • Amber Eldorado (Yantarny)
  • The excursion program of the Kaliningrad Amber Combine
  • In the Realm of the Sea, the Dunes and the Voices of Birds (The Curonian Spit National Park)
  • Romintskaya Pushcha (Vishtynetsky nature park)
  • To the Very West of Russia (Baltiysk)

One of the branded routes of the Kaliningrad region (the fortification route) is included in the Silver Necklace of Russia project as part of the Outposts of Russia.
The Amber Mosaic branded route is included in the list of Russian branded routes. The information is available on the website of the Import Substitution Committee under the Expert Council for Tourism Development of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

The information on the tourist routes of the Kaliningrad region is presented in a non-random manner on the website of the Regional Tourism Information Center, including the information on objects, services and routes available for the limited mobility groups.



260 hotels, 6 397 rooms and 12 297 beds.


Tour operators who organise tours in region

There are 39 Kaliningrad tour operators for international inbound tourism in the Federal Register.

LLC Vismant, LLC Baltma Voyage, LLC Yantarny Kray, LLC Planeta, LLC Baltic Exotic, LLC Bohemia Tour, LLC ANYUTA, LLC Butik Puteshestvy, LLC Business-Agency, LLC Turne-Trans Corporate Alliance, LLC Alliance, Yantarny Veter tourist firm, LLC Daddy, LLC Zolotaya Orkhideya, LLC Nocturne, LLC YUNONA, LLC SVENA-TOUR, LLC Eurocontact tourist bureau, LLC Kaliningrad travel agency, LLC ELH-TOUR, LLC KALINHOTEL, LLC Baltma Tour, LLC Mik-Avia, LLC Children’s Tourism Center, LLC ATLAS TOUR, LLC Universalstroy, LLC Information center for the development of tourism, LLC Fly Tour, LLC Septima, LLC APELSIN, LLC FORTUNA, LLC Le.To-Raise, OOO Yellow Fly, LLC Zelenogradsk Tourist Bureau, LLC Arabella, OOO Filand, LLC Baltic Sea Agency, LLC Intour, LLC ATURI Tourist Company.


Infrastructure changes prior to FIFA 2018 World Cup

In 2018, the Kaliningrad region will host 4 matches of the FIFA World Cup. A large-scale work on creating the necessary infrastructure has been carried out in the Kaliningrad region to implement the recommendations of the FIFA.

  • The location of the stadium for 35,000 seats in Kaliningrad determined the development of the Oktyabrsky Island and its transformation into a modern micro district in the city center with advanced infrastructure, where the stadium will become not only a sports venue, but also the architectural dominant.
  • Three training fields are to be reconstructed for the World Cup in Kaliningrad: the Lokomotiv stadium, the Pioner stadium and the Selma stadium. A training-center in Svetlogorsk is also to be organised.
  • Three new 4* and one 5* hotels are to be built in the Kaliningrad region for the World Cup.

Also the transport network of the region will be improved.


Special offers for the 2018 World Cup tourists

  • The Alliance of Hospitable Cities road-show
  • Kaliningrad Football Week city festival
  • The best football menu
  • The Kaliningrad Region Guest Card project — loyalty campaign for tourists
  • True Kaliningradian campaign
  • PostCardBox is a mobile app photo generator and editor

Tourist offers for the 2018 World Cup spectators are formed according to different categories of client groups: arriving for one day (without lodging or with an overnight stay), arriving for a 3-day or 7-day tours.


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