100 bright options for New Year and Christmas – in the new special project about Moscow

Sep 21, 2018

Why bright New Year and Christmas = Moscow

It is Moscow where the main European festival „Journey to Christmas” takes place. Thousands of street shows, activities and workshops, ice ballets, markets, fanciful illumination and figures of light will help tourists to step inside the Christmas tale. Also, you can take a ride on the ice-breaker and deer sledges, visit the mansion of Ded Moroz (Father Frost) and skate across the Red Square.

Explore the Moscow winter tourism product and choose entertainments that fit any tourist taste with the help of the special project „Miraculous Moscow”.

What particularly useful you will find on the online course about Moscow:

1. Webinars for fabulous boost of sales

Don’t miss an education online course with leading tour operators and other experts on Moscow. For you — 5 useful webinars, registration is open!

Explore the topics and sign up for webinars

2. Selections of entertainments for different categories of tourists: for newcomers to Moscow and sophisticated connoisseurs.

You will learn:

— where the highest tubing hills of the capital are, where you can take a ride in a cable car above the Moscow river, which museums to visit while taking breaks from your winter adventures, where to play snowballs and chill out with Moscow hipsters. And many more options for tourists in Moscow.

Entertainments for newcomers to Moscow

Entertainments for sophisticated tourists

3. Selections of entertainment options for New Year and Christmas

25 best children Christmas and New Year shows of Moscow, from New Year show of Kremlin to the extreme show of stuntmen + details about the main winter festival „Journey to Christmas” .

See the New Year section

4. Events in Moscow season 18/19

Explore events in the Moscow calendar and give tips to your clients on which sights are not to be missed. Plentiful options — from the „Circle of Light” festival to the first winter open air show and exhibition of the portraits of the Pablo Picasso’s Russian wife.

Explore Moscow events

5. For a dessert — raffling a tour to Moscow among travel agents actively participating in the special project. In order to win, you need to watch at least three online webinars and answer the questions of the test about winter touristic Moscow. All the travel agents who successfully pass the test will get personal expert diplomas on the Moscow destination.

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