Homlins: a new brand of Kaliningrad

Jun 13, 2018

In Russia, Kaliningrad in particular, people embrace their traditions and respect legends. So, one of the legends narrates of homlins, small dwarfs who look like household spirits. They work hard throughout their lives and create amber works that are known in the whole world.

On June 3rd, the smallest sculptural composition in the region — the bronze Homlin — has been installed on Medovy bridge in Kaliningrad. Its author is Andrey Slepkov, the creator of Alexander Nevsky monument in Saint-Petersburg. Project initiators consider homlins to become same brand in Kaliningrad as the Moomins in Finland and gnomes in Wroclaw.

Primary initiator is Amber Love studio that launches the new brand of „Workshop of Homlins” this year. According to studio representatives, the place will become a new city legend with its curious history.

Natalia Shevchenko:

„The name is formed from the word ‘Home’ which is understandable for the most international tourists. Homlins are the household spirits living among people, they’re are very small and spend the lifetime creating gorgeous amber works. Homlins can live thousands of years due to magical peculiarities of the stone: they witnessed Romans and vikings arrived to the Baltic shores, they remember Prussians and Germans but allowed themselves to be seen by people nowadays only. These characters are apolitical: they don’t relate to any historical period but only earth and amber. We think it’s a unique and interesting brand for the whole region that will help us attract tourists”.

According to Natalia, the idea of creating the „Homlins Workshop” started several years ago. A space, where homlins will work and held their workshops, will be opened this summer in Kaliningrad. Homlins statues will be placed not only in Kaliningrad, but also in other cities of the region.

Magical Worhshop of Homlins:


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