6 tips how to pick an interesting tour in Moscow for your tourist

Jun 8, 2018

Moscow embraces thousands of unforgettable sights, stories and entertainments that fit every taste. Here are 6 tips for you to promptly pick a tour for your tourist that will for sure bring surprise and joy! More details on the 19th of June at the webinar devoted to unconventional tour routes, part of Moscow online academy.

19 ― 20th of June
online academy as part of the
„Ole-Ole Moscow Vacations 2018” special project

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6 tips how to pick an interesting tour in Moscow for your tourist

  1. Start from the uniqueness of the route

    In Moscow you can visit an ice cave of the Zaryadye park, secret underground bunker of Stalin, Museum of skyscrapers — and enjoy the look of the capital from the highest viewing platform in Europe.

  2. Offer a thematic tour to your tourist

    „Mystical Moscow”, „Sport in Moscow”, „Myths of the Moscow underground” — these and other tours will help your tourist to see Moscow from a new perspective.

  3. Offer an ethnic tour to your tourist

    Where are Italian, German, Greek, British, French, Georgian, Armenian and Muslim nooks in Moscow? Where in Arbat street do you find a house without one corner and the Pushkin’s flat? What is so special about Moscow bystreets? Dozens of customized tours from the Moscow House of Nationalities will present the history of Moscow to your tourist.

  4. Pick industrial tours

    Moscow offers the widest choice of working factories and plants you can visit, starting from the famous Moskvitsch car factory to the ice-cream factory. A novelty from the Mos-Tour operator — tours for kids and adults to the Skolkovo innovation Technopark where you can see the Russian Silicon Valley from inside and participate in scientific shows.

  5. Book a quest for your tourist

    Even a visit to the Red Square can be turned into a breathtaking adventure your tourist will never forget — if it is made into a quest. The Quest Planet company has organized 19 customized quests in Moscow that will help to see the city with fresh eyes and fall in love with it.

  6. Offer an extreme option

    There is nothing impossible for tourists in Moscow: you can even spoil yourself with a military style tour and ride a real tank! Such a military quest tour is organized by the Mos-Tour operator.

    All the details are waiting for you at the webinar dedicated to unconventional tours with participation of the TOP experts: Mos-Tour operator, Questplanet company and Moscow House of Nationalities.

    When: 19
    th of June at 13:00 (Msk)

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19th June at 12.00 (MSK)

Moscow during the World Cup 2018. TOP free time entertainments and what you should warn your tourist about.

Experts: head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism Ekaterina Borisova; CEO of the Favorit tour operator Anisia Evdokimova; representatives of the Tari Tour operator.


20th of June at 12.00 (MSK)

Eventful Moscow: Fireworks Festival, Cybersport Championship, Gorillaz concert and other events of Moscow not to miss this summer.

Experts: head of Moscow’s Department of Sport and Tourism Ekaterina Borisova; Pyrotechnical Technologies (organizers of the Rostec Fireworks Festival); client service team leader at LBL Communication Group Elena Andreeva (organizers of the Circle of Light festival).

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20th of June at 13.00 (MSK)

Moscow for family vacation: Moskvarium, Kidzania and other objects for kids unique for Russia.

Experts: chief director of the Mos-Tour operator Mikhail Lavrov; corporate sales director at Moskvarium Natalia Suslova.

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20th of June at 14.00 (MSK)

Individual tours to Moscow from 1 tourist from Favorit Travel and group tours with commission from 10% from Roza Vetrov. Learn about offers of the leading tour operators.

Experts: deputy director of the Roza Vetrov tour operator Irina Glazkova; CEO of the Favorit tour operator Anisia Evdokimova.


Moscow Department of Sport and Tourism of Moscow City