Top 10 cities in Sverdlovsk region for international tourists

May 24, 2018

Sverdlovsk region is celebrated for its industrial cities and cultural centers. Which of them are worth a visit?


Ekaterinburg is the capital of Ural, one of the fastest growing Russian regions. Urban infrastructure offers a wide range of possibilities for business and leisure. Its geographic location is unique: the city is situated on the Europe-Asia border. Tourists come here to get to know the history of Ural gemstones and visit places of interest related to the Nikolas II’s Imperial family.

What to visit? Yeltsin Center, the City Dam, Temple on Blood, Sevastyanov’s residence, Vysotsky business center’s view point, Rastorguev-Kharitonov mansion and Museum of Stone-cutting and Jewelry Art History.

Ekaterinburg’s satellite towns

Verkhnyaya Pyshma

One of the biggest museums in the country with 7,5 thousands of pieces of military and civil equipment is located in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. Today, Museum consists of two exhibition centers and an open-air venue with large machines (planes, artillery systems and railroad transport).


The city is called “the motherland of Ural gold”. Tourists are offered an extraordinary Golden tour where they learn the mining practice in Ural and go down a golden shaft. Guests will play the role of gold miners and wash gravel for gold.

Nizhny Tagil

Nizhny Tagil, the homeland for military tanks and center of metallurgical “civilization” where Demidovs’ traditions combined with modern technologies.

What to visit? Lisiya gora, Historical Museum of Metallurgical Machinery, UralVagonZavod and Metallurgical Ural Museum, one of the world’s smallest museums.


City is known for the annual fair which is the second most important in Russia and keeps second place after Nizhny Novgorod fair in commodity turnover. Today, city is considered the motorcycle capital of Russia.

What to visit? State Motorcycle Museum, Ethnography Museum, Irbit Museum of Fine Arts and the Old City.


Nevyansk, one of the first plant-cities in Ural, was founded on Neiva river in 1701 by Emperor Peter the Great. There are about 60 architectural monuments of XVIII-XIX centuries. Demidovs Leaning Tower of Nevyansk is one the most important tourist attractions. Nevyansk is also known as craft center of Russia where lots of handicrafts have become traditional: icon-painting, pottery, pimy production and chest art.

What to visit? Nevyansk Leaning Tower, Seven Brothers Cliff, Nickel open-cast and mansion of Kirillov blacksmith.


Kamensk-Uralsky is one of the oldest Ural industrial cities. It was established as fortress-plant and has maintained its atmosphere of past days. That is why the historic XIX century city center boasts most interesting tourist attractions.

What to visit? Bell plant, Geology Museum, Monastery of Our Saviour and Transfiguration, Alexander Nevsky Chapel


Verkhoturye is called the spiritual capital of Ural. One of the oldest cities of Russia over the Ural mountains was established to protect the main Siberian trade route. There are numerous architectural monuments of XVII-XX centuries, for example, one of the smallest kremlins in Russia.

What to visit? Verkhoturye Kremlin, Hanging pedestrian bridge, Monastery of Saint Nikolas, Public Meeting building, Saint Kosmas monastery.


Alapayevsk — one of the oldest metallurgical centers of Ural, known for the memorial house of Peter Tchaikovsky where his family lived from 1849 till 1852. The city is also famous for the biggest narrow-gauge railroad in Russia.

What to visit? Memorial house of Peter Tchaikovsky, Museum of Metallurgical plant, ruins of hammer shop, Ekaterina Church. Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha — small village in Alapaevsk area, widely known for its unique open-air museum of wooden architecture.


Rezh city is located in the area of nickel, iron and gems rich deposits. Famous Ural Gemstone Lane crosses Rezh district.

What to visit? Mineralogic Museum “Ural Gemstone Lane”, Five Brothers Cliff, Eagle Rock and Church of John the Baptist, thermal complex “Baden-Baden Emerald Shore”.

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