Retro Tour around Kaliningrad

May 23, 2018

Not so long ago a new type of tour was launched in Kaliningrad — a tour on retro cars. Now every tourist can enjoy a ride around picturesque and grasping places of the city feeling like a resident of pre-war Königsberg while audio guide will tell everything about major sights.

This format is actively used in European countries, now it has reached Kaliningrad.

It features sightseeing driving tours in a loop around the city with bright cars designed as passenger cars of 20-30s of the last century.

Tour fee

  • 10.00 to 17.00 — 1 000 roubles per person*
  • 23.00 and 23.30 — 2 000 roubles per person*

* Minimum 3 people in the car, maximum capacity is 7 people.

Tour length: 1-1,5 houts.

Cars are equipped by snapshot cameras. Photos are free for a group, individual tourists will pay 100-200 roubles per one photo.

How will it look like for tourists?

Tourists will easily find the tour booking counter: near the Honey Bridge on the Kant Island there are four red retro cars easy to spot. For tours larger cars are arranged with capacity up to 7 people.

Tour route: Honey bridge on the Kant Island — Moskovsky Prospect — Litovsky Val — Vasilevsky square — Vrangel tower — Chernyahovskogo Str. — Victory Square — Teatralnaya Str. — Gvardeysky Prospect — Honey bridge on the Kant Island.

Such a format allows to book custom-made tours

  • Have an individual tour with a professional guide
  • Rent a car with driver for a company (hen parties, stag parties, weddings, birthdays), Price of rent is 3000 roubles per hour, when booking 2 cars — 15% discount.
  • Enjoy a unique photo shoot
  • Have a romantic date, a bottle of champagne for couples in evening time is gratis.

Price of a custom made tour is counted individually.

“Yantarnaya Mozaika” tour operator
Instagram: retrotour39
Facebook: 39retrotour

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