What will interest tourists in the Urals? A guide to events and attractions

May 22, 2018

How to make this summer a real adventure? Recommendations from the Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk region.

Show the unusual side of the Urals to tourists

The capital of the Urals is surprisingly eclectic: on the streets you can find ancient merchants’ manors and examples of modernism, large-scale blocks built in the style of constructivism, buildings of heavy-handed Stalin architecture and amazing glass buildings. There are architectural highlights in other towns and villages of the region. The Tourism Development Center of the Sverdlovsk Region has singled out landmarks and events which will be definitely interesting for visiting and enhance the travel experience of your tourists.

“Yeltsin Center”

“Yeltsin Center” is one of the brightest and most fashionable sites of the city, which unites the museum and modern creative space. The permanent exhibition devoted to the first president of Russia B.N. Yeltsin is held here, It also regularly hosts concerts, movie screenings, performances, exhibitions, lectures and conferences.

Observation Deck of the Business Center “Vysotsky”

One of the tallest buildings in the Ural-Siberian region — the business center “Vysotsky” — has a diverse infrastructure: from hotels to nightclubs. Tourists are mainly attracted by an observation deck, where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Ekaterinburg from a height of 158 meters. Audio guides are available for foreign guests.

Monument “Europe — Asia”

Stepping from Europe to Asia is an obligatory ritual for every tourist in the Sverdlovsk region. The border is very close to Ekaterinburg and the nearest monument marking the meeting point of two parts of the world is located on the 40th kilometer of the Old Moscow Tract. The first obelisk in these places appeared in 1837. And in 2008, a renewed monument was installed.

Nevyansk Tower

The leaning tower in Nevyansk is one of the mysterious legacies of the Demidov family, a source of legends and secrets. Previously, it housed the Office, a laboratory and even a lockup. Today, the guests will visit the room with a unique acoustic effect and also see the chiming clock created in the XVIII century and still functioning.

Verkhotursky Kremlin

It is the only Ural city with the Kremlin built by order of Peter the Great. The complex of Verkhotursky Kremlin includes the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Voivode House, Departmental offices, Treasure House of district status, Czar’s storehouses and Kitchen premises.

Plant as a tourist attraction!

Sverdlovsk region is one of the leading industrial centers of the country and a point of attraction for fans of industrial tourism. The industrial heritage of Demidovs preserved in the old factories, traces of the Pugachev revolt and “gold rush” will attract those who want to learn more about the history of the Ural and Russia’s industry. Excursions to such famous enterprises as Uralvagonzavod and Rezhevsky Metallurgical Combine “Rezhnikel” are waiting for those who are interested in modern technologies.

The Plant-Museum of the ferrous metallurgy development in Nizhny Tagil can be called a real gem of the industrial development legacy in the Urals. The equipment of the XVIII, XIX and XX centuries, the real open-hearth and blast furnaces remained on its territory, and the bridge crane of 1892 is still in working condition.

Historical heritage: what is remembered in the Urals?

The Urals region has often become the arena of important historical events. People in the Sverdlovsk region and Ekaterinburg are sensitive to history: exhibitions of different formats are regularly held in museums, and the city hosts significant events.

“Czar’s Days”

The region will host the international festival “Czar’s Days” in memory of the tragic death of the Royal family on July 6-17. Culture-historical, musical and educational events, meetings with well-known historians and cultural figures, as well as special divine services are planned. One of the venues will be the Church-on-the-Blood erected on the site of Ipatiev’s house, where Nicholas II and his family were shot.

Museum of military and automotive engineering UMMC

One of the largest regional museums is located in the city of Verkhnyaya Pyshma. It;s collection includes 7.5 thousand samples of military and civil vehicles. The exposition begins in the open air, where heavy military equipment (aircraft, artillery systems and railway transport) is exhibited, and then it continues under the roof of a four-story building. There is a collection of cars of the XIX-XX century on the first floor, the second and third floors are occupied by cars of Russian production, and the fourth floor will be interesting to fans of motorcycles and sports equipment.

Sports events and how Brad Pitt knows Irbit

Major sporting events are not uncommon for the Sverdlovsk region, and this year there will be matches of the group stage at the FIFA World Cup 2018, as well as other interesting sporting events.

FIFA World Cup

Four matches will be held in Ekaterinburg: Egypt — Uruguay (June 15), France — Peru (June 21), Japan — Senegal (June 24) and Mexico — Sweden (June 27).

A large fan zone was created specially for fans in the Mayakovsky Central park, the pedestrian zone in the area of the stadium “Ekaterinburg Arena” was opened, and special routes were developed. For example, the unusual pub crawl route “Beer Mile” will give our guests the opportunity to visit nine pubs and try different types of beer.

  • James, Mamin-Sibiryak St., 58
  • Hans, Malyshev St., 63
  • Grott Brewery Bar, Lenin St., 49
  • The Rosy Jane Lenin St., 34
  • Doctor Scotch Pub, Malyshev St., 56a
  • Rats Keller, 8 Marta St., 8b
  • Britania, Vainer St.,64a
  • Brugge, Sacco and Vanzetti St, 61
  • Gordon’s Bar, Krylov St., 27

Motofestival “Irbit 2018”

The small town of Irbit in the east of the region has recently been referred to as the Ural bike-capital. Even Brad Pitt has a motorcycle made at the Irbit factory in his private collection. One of the thematic events supporting this status is the motofestival which gathers guests not only from all over the country, but also from abroad. The event is scheduled for July 27-29.

One can get acquainted with the motorcycle culture of the city at the exhibitions in the Irbit state museum of motorcycles..

More than 100 sites for musical self-expression

Sverdlovsk region is famous for its musicians perhaps more than for history and plants. And a variety of music concerts and festivals gathering fans from all over the country is the additional proof of that.

Ural night of music

This year, on June 29, Ekaterinburg will become a large concert venue, where more than 100 musicians will perform. Melodies will be heard not only in concert halls, but also in local bars, restaurants, museums and just on the streets. This unique event is becoming more and more popular every year. This year Ivan Dorn, Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra, the choir “Mlada”, LRK, Arabesque, Baccara and Joy will be the guests of the festival.

Tour operators and hoteliers of the Sverdlovsk region have developed special package tours for the event with accommodation and excursions. You can choose a tour here >>

The international jazz festival URALTERRAJAZZ

The festival organized by the famous jazz pianist Daniil Kramer is one of the top popular open-air festivals in Russia. The festival will be held on August 4 in the city of Kamyshlov. In addition to the performance of world-famous musicians, guests can enjoy exhibitions and fairs, master classes and walking tours around the city.

What else? Tastes, beauty and health!


It is worth mentioning such a unique phenomenon as the Ural cuisine: mixing traditions of different nations gave gourmets many reasons for culinary experiences. In addition, in many cities of the region you can find a large number of interesting and unique restaurants, cafes and bars.

The VIII International Barbecue Festival

The most popular gastronomic event is the annual barbecue festival (June 2-3). The contest for preparing this dish is the culmination point of the festive occasion. Both chefs and students of culinary schools compete there.


Natural parks “Deer streams” and “Bazhov places”, bizarre rocks of the Devil’s Settlement or Stone Tents, beautiful views of the Chusovaya river attract those who want to spend time nice and profitably in nature. Tour operators offer rafting, biking and hiking, rock climbing, horse riding and many other activities that are famous in the region. View Tours >>


Healing air and mineral waters of the Ural mountains have long been known. You can relax and improve your health in many sanatoriums of Sverdlovsk region. The most famous of them are “Obukhovsky”, “Nizhny Sergi”, “Lenevka”, “Izumrud”.

In conclusion one should note that hotels of all categories including the world brands Hyatt, Ramada, Novotel, Park Inn, DoubleTree by Hilton are represented in Ekaterinburg. Your tourists can not doubt the level of service. And inbound tour operators of the region are ready to realize even the most difficult tasks.

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