Top 10 Tourist Summer Attractions in Ural

May 11, 2018

Today, Sverdlovsk region offers qualitative leisure of almost every kind: from active to wellness, from educational to entertaining. Besides, there are unique attractions in Ural which are worth visiting as a tourist. Tourism development center of Sverdlovsk region presents top 10 regional attractions to make guests’ leisure more interesting and diverse.

Temple on Blood

One of the central hieratic buildings in Ekaterinburg, it was built in 2003 on the site of engineer Ipatiev house where the royal family was shot dead in 1918. Temple and pontifical courtyard have become a location for different events, exhibitions, lectures, and more over, for a massive festival dedicated to the memory of last Russian rulers — Tsar Days Festival.

Address: Ekaterinburg, Tsarskaya St., 10.


Vysotsky business center

One of the highest buildings in Ural-Siberian region has a full-featured hospitality infrastructure from hotels to night club but its viewing point attracts tourists most. From the height of 158 meters visitors have the view of Ekaterinburg city. Audio guides are available for foreign travellers.

Address: Ekaterinburg, Malysheva St., 51.


Plant Museum of technique in iron industry in Nizhny Tagil

Based on laid-up iron and steel plant, museum has become one-of-a-kind in Russia. Equipment of XVIII, XIX and XX centuries has been maintained in the museum: original Martin and blast furnaces, overhead crane which is still in working condition since 1892.

Address: Nizhny Tagil, av. Lenina, 1Б, Goroshnikova St., 56.


Ekaterinburg Historic Public Garden

Complex of historic buildings and a beautiful small garden are situated close to the dam of city pond — the place of Ekaterinburg foundation. Tourists can take a break from urban noise and enjoy the big city events which are held here regularly.

Address: Ekaterinburg city center


Irbit State Motorcycle Museum

One of the produced motorcycles belongs to Brad Pitt’s private collection. Tourists would not want to miss the opportunity to visit the plant museum where full motorcycle range presented along with „iron horses” of other brands.

Address: Irbit, Sovetskaya St., 100а
Tel.: +7 (34355) 4-26- 01


Nevyansk Leaning Tower

Ambitious and mysterious heritage of Demidovs family, the source of multiple legends and secrets is the leaning tower in Nevyansk. Built in 1720s, it has been the chancery, laboratory and even jail at the same time. Today, visitors will be accompanied to the hearing room with a unique acoustic effect and see the chiming clock created in XVIII century and now properly functioning.

Address: Nevyansk, Demidovs Garden, 3а.
Website: невьянскиймузей.рф


UMMC museum of civil and military machinery

The Ekaterinburg’s satellite town has one of the largest museums of military machinery and history. Largest exposition consists of 7,5 thousands of piece of military and civil equipment, starts from the outside and continues under a roof of 4-storey buildings.

Address: Verkhnya Pyshma, A.Kozitsyna St., 2.


Verkhoturye Kremlin

The place of power and amazing architecture, the only city with kremlin in Ural region which was built at the order of Peter the Great. Complex of Verkhoturye Kremlin includes Svyato-Troitsky cathedral, Waywode house, Departmental palace, Parish treasury, Monarchic storehouses and Kitchen premises.

Address: Verkhoturye, Sovetskaya St., 6
Tel.: +7 (34389) 2-24- 21


Europe-Asia Monument

Leaving Ekaterinburg, tourists will definitely visit the monument which unites two parts of the world. First sign of this area has been put up in 1837 and refurbished monument was installed in 2008.

Address: 40th km of Staromoskovsky tract


Yeltsin Center

The most fashionable and famous organisation in the city. Center has a permanent exhibition dedicated to the first president of Russia Boris Yeltsin; concerts, movie screenings, performances, exhibitions, lectures and conferences take place here regularly. Cafes, restaurants and shops are situated in the building.

Address: Ekaterinburg, Yeltsin St., 3

Sverdlovsk Region Tourism Development Centre of Sverdlovsk Region