Top 10 reasons why tourists will love Ural

Apr 18, 2018

Sverdlovsk region is a unique place situated right in the middle of Russia. This is a land of gemstones, center of industrial tourism and a modern metropolis located on the border of Europe and Asia. Today region offers high-quality opportunities for leisure of any kind: active river rafting, wellness in health care centers, educational guided tours and entertaining events which become region’s hallmark long ago. Tourism development center of Sverdlovsk region has come up with Top 10 reasons why your tourists will love to spend a summer in Ural.


Reason № 1: Nature

Olenyi ruchyi and Bazhovskiye mesta nature parks, fantastic rocks as Chertovo Gorodische and Kamenny Palatki along with beautiful landscapes of Chusovaya river are welcoming those who dream of harmony with the world around. Active tourists will enjoy river rafting, biking and hiking tours, rock climbing and other activities that region is famous for.

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Reason № 2: Wellness

Healthful air and mineral water of Ural mountains are known for many years. Those who want to improve health should visit numerous health centers situated in the region — “Obukhovski”, “Nizhniye Sergi”, “Lenyovka”, “Izumrud”.


Reason № 3: Industrial tours

Industrial heritage of Demidovs survived in old factories and blocked up river dams, towns that were built by Peter the Great’s decrees, traces of Pugachev’s Rebellion and The Gold Rush will attract those who’d like to learn more about Russian history.

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Reason № 4: Dreamlike places

Those who, while growing up, dreamed of meeting fairy tale characters, discovering underground treasures and secret chests will find them in numerous museums and even try to mine gold as former gold miners.

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Reason № 5: Gastronomy

It is worth mentioning the unique feature of Ural cuisine: mixed traditions of different folks of Ural, as in big boiler, give gourmands a quite number of occasions for culinary experiences.


Reason № 6: MICE

By the way, city’s worth visiting not only for leisure but also with business visits. Annually, city hosts hundreds of business forums, dozens of international fairs, conferences and other events for professionals from all over the world.


Reason № 7: Events

Particular attention should be given to events in Ekaterinburg and region, lots of which have become regions’s hallmarks: theater and music festivals, Night of Music, barbeque festival, historical re-enactments and city celebrations.


Reason № 8: Sightseeings

Capital of Ural surprises with eclectic combination of various architecture: Ekaterinburg streets are full of old-time merchants manors, examples of art nouveau, extensive urban quarters built in Constructivists style, buildings of heavy Stalinist architecture and effective all-glass houses astonishing with unusual proportions and solutions.


Reason № 9: Theatrical art

Ekaterinburg has about 40 professional theatres, most of them are known not only at a regional but also international level: State academic opera and ballet theater, State musical comedy theater, Sverdlovsk state academic drama theater, Youth Theatre Studio and a dozen others.


Reason № 10: Historical heritage

Ural has become the center of many historic events and motherland of eminent people. It is worth mentioning Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia, who was born, lived and worked in Sverdlovsk region. An innovative Yeltsin Center — museum of Russian modern history, was opened in Ekaterinburg in honour of this period.

Sverdlovsk Region Tourism Development Centre of Sverdlovsk Region