Looking for a business partner from Russia? Get a list of DMCs for travel specialists

May 30, 2018

How to find a reliable inbound tour operator from Russia? It is very likely the most common question travel specialists ask online at Information Center at russiadays.travel. To help you look into the matter, Russia Expo Days 2018 organizers prepared a list of interesting DMCs from different regions of Russia who are ready to do business.

ARGO Travel company

Company offers exclusive tours of Altai, as well as combined tours of Altai and Mongolia or Baikal Lake for foreign travellers.

Altay is a part of the southern Siberia and a vast, wild and amazing place. The nature of Altai is absolutely unique, rich in biodiversity of flora and fauna. Altai is a region of beautiful mountains, glaciers and waterfalls, it is also named the „land of mountains”. There are many kinds of activities for tourists: rafting on Katun, trekking to Belukha or Aktru, horseback riding tours and cultural exploration.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Turkey, China, Vietnam, South Korea, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Israel, India, Iran.

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Office in Barnaul


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Favorit DMC

Favorit DMC was founded in 1993. DMC have special offers for each one of the 11 host cities.

Company offers sightseeing tours of any complexity in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Gold and Silver rings. Sea and river cruises, river ship and boat leasing. MICE and wedding packages, school tours.

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Office in Saint Petersburg



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The company was founded in 1993. Inters tour operator is one of the oldest private companies in Russia. Inters arranges tours to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, the Golden Ring, Sochi, Kazan, Baikal, Altay, Kamchatka, Karelia, Yakutia and the Sayan Ring.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Germany, France, Spain, Austria, USA, Canada.

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Main office is based in Moscow.



+7 (495) 995-8094




Intourist — Thomas Cook

Inbound tourism is a historically leading business area of Intourist, which has been developed by the company since the time of its foundation in 1929. Fixdates tours: Saint Petersburg Break, Moscow Break, Highlights Of Russia (Moscow + Saint Petersburg), Golden Ring, A Taste of Russia (Moscow, Veliky Novgorod, St. Petersburg), Moscow To The Pacific Ocean (Moscow, Irkutsk, Listvianka, Vladivostok), Great Transsiberian Journey To China Via Mongolia and Moscow To China Via Mongolia + Yekaterinburg. Tour operator offers also tours on request.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, China, Iran, Israel, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Finland, etc.

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Office in Moscow


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Russian tour-operator with more than 28 years of international experience in the Hospitality and MICE Industry. Company is constantly searching for fresh ideas to fulfill your requirements. KMP DMC offers tours to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi and Baikal lake.

KMP DMC is the team of professionals speaking English, French, Spanish and Italian, who are always ready to consider your ideas and your budget, helping you to create the ultimate product.

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Office in Moscow

+7 (495) 721-1706



MICE department: Victoria Efremova ― ve@kmp.ru, +7 (916) 521-34-17



Mos-Tour has been operating in the field of international inbound tourism since 2010.

Company advantages: own multimedia content, application of the advanced Internet technologies, including virtual reality.

Package of exclusive excursion programs in Moscow and cities of the World Cup 2018 in a single concept. Also Mos-Tour offers tours to towns of Golden Ring, Karelia, Baikal Lake and Siberia and Kamchatka.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: United Kingdom, Germany, Israel, India, Iran, Spain, Italy, China, Korea, United Arab Emirates, France, Countries in Latin America, USA, Japan.

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Office in Moscow

mos-tour.moscow/en/ (English)

mos-tour.moscow/de/ (German)

mos-tour.moscow/jp/ (Japanese)

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Mouzenidis Intour

Mouzenidis Intour is part of the holding Mouzenidis Group, engaged in the development, promotion and implementation of inbound trips to Russia. Company offers a range of tours to Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring, Krasnodar Krai and Trans-Baikal, Tatarstan and Kamchatka.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: China, Iran, Greece, Taiwan, Italy, Argentina, Cambodia, France, Cyprus, Nepal, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Serbia, Iraq.

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Office in Moscow





OLTA Travel is Russia’s Leading DMC operating business-to-business and serving tour operators and agencies from all over the world. For the last 3 years Olta Travel has twice received the most important reward in tourism industry ― World Travel Awards, and became Russia’s Leading DMC.

OLTA Travel offers packages to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, Baikal Lake, towns of Golden Ring. Trans-Siberian Railway, Football championship, weekend packages, adventure and eco tours, river cruises and religious tours.

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Offices in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow and Baikal lake




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Riviera-Sochi is an incoming tour operator since 1999. Riviera-Sochi is one of recommended tour operators in Krasnodar region that is authorized to arrange visa-free inbound travel of Chinese tourist groups as part of Russia. Riviera-Sochi alos is a tour operator of mega events in Sochi.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, China, India, Iran, Israel, Mexico, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tadzhikistan, Armenia.

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Office in Sochi



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Rosa Khutor

Rosa Khutor is a year-round world class mountain resort in Sochi. Rosa Khutor is the only resort in Russia hosting both summer and winter mountain sports in convenient and safe conditions.

Also Rosa Khutor is a tour operator specializing on selling tour packages to the similarly-named resort.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Israel, China, Kazakhstan, Asia and Middle East.

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Office in Sochi


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Svoy Hotel Booking system

Book hotels and additional services all over Russia online in Svoy Hotel Booking system for tourism professionals . Developed by the inbound tour operator, Svoy Travel Services.

466 cities of Russia, more than 2 500 hotels. 778 special offers.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Europe, Middle East, Latin America.

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Office in Moscow



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Tari Tour

Russian travel agency „Tari Tour” provides service for foreign visitors in Moscow, St. Petersburg, organizes tours to the cities of the Gold Ring of Russia, to Kaliningrad, to Baikal, in Elbrus region (Caucasus), to Kamchatka and to Russian coast of the Black Sea. „Tari Tour” arranges visa support.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Europe, the Americas, Australia, Africa and Asia.

Offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg



UTS Group Incoming

The company was founded in 1994 and according to the results of 2017 UTS Group has been ranked among the TOP-5 travel companies of Russia & CIS.

Package Summer 2018 from 850 €. UTS Group offers packages to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, towns of Golden Ring and Silver Ring and tours to Karelia, Siberia and Baikal, Altay and Kamchatka. UTS Group provides full range of classic travel services.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: Europe (France, Germany, Spain, England), Asia (Thailand, China, Indonesia, Japan...), Middle East (Israel, India e t.c).

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Office in Moscow

+7 (495) 730 16 50



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Verum Tourism

During the 27 years VERUM TOURISM hosted and provided services to over a million customers.Company offers groups and FIT full package services in St. Petersburg and Moscow and incentive tourism, special packages on Siberia,

custom made education and specialized tours for professionals and individual tours/stopover tours.

The company focuses on meeting tourists from: USA, Belgium, France, Turkey, Iran, Taiwan and Israel.

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Offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

+7 (499) 973-14-84



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