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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: visas, transport options, travel capabilities of host cities
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On March 21-22, 2018, Russia Expo Days online fair has been held in Moscow. Representatives of governmental authorities, Russia 2018 Local Organizing Committee, FIFA World Cup host regions and travel companies hold their presentations.
Main presentation topics:
  • How Russian tourism market works and ways to operate on it.
  • Accommodation and transport options during FIFA World Cup.
  • Travel capabilities of FIFA World Cup host cities and other regions.
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The host companies and tour operators

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia:
Frequently asked questions

They say that to get tourist visa to Russia is complicated. Is that true?

It depends on citizenship. Citizens of 32 countries do not need visa for entry. The list of countries with visa-free entry to the RF.

If you need Russian Visa, the easiest way to get it is to book tour through the travel agency and ask for visa support. But you always can apply for the visa yourself, you just need to be prepared. The list of the required documents.

Actually, anyone can visit Russia without visa — in period of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Entry by FAN ID without tourist visa.

How to get a FAN ID?

A FAN ID is a document that all of tourists have in order to attend any of the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ matches. Purchase a ticket, submit an application on this website and get a FAN ID in special centers.

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How to get tickets?

All the tickets to 2018 FIFA World Cup matches can be purchased at the FIFA website. Spectators who purchase tickets to the football matches must fill in an application form with personal data.

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I want to visit the Urals, Siberia or Far East in Russia. How can I go there?

You can travel within Russia by trains, planes, buses and cars. 

Train tickets can be purchased online, there is english version of website  Air flights: you can book tickets on aggregators or websites of air companies.  The bus communication is provided by small regional companies, the time schedule is available in the Internet.


I heard about free train within Russia. What is it?

Free tickets to trains will be available in period of 2018 FIFA World Cup. Over 700 additional trains will be running between the host cities. In order to get a ticket for free train, one will need to provide a FAN ID and a ticket to a game. The train schedule will be available at the website of the Transport Department.

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